Is Negan Good for The Walking Dead?

Negan has swung his way into season 7 of The Walking Dead, and he wasted no time is making his name known. So far, this season has been less than stellar due multiple story lines that take way too long to get back to. There are so many characters to keep track of that, sometimes, it is very easy to forget that there are that many characters on the show.

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axerated794d ago

While I will say that negan is handled better in the comics than in the show, I do feel like it was good for them to have someone come in and totally eff with the equilibrium of what the show has become.
Also, if you read the Negan back story comics, it does allude to the inspiration for Lucille, but still hasn't verified why he became such a sadistic SOB...

Aldous_Snow794d ago

He's bound to get his own episode and backstory to explain that. Everyone else has

StarWarsFan794d ago

Negan is awesome as a character: the best villain we've had.