David Ayer, Margot Robbie Reteam for All-Female DC Villains Movie 'Gotham City Sirens' (Exclusive)


David Ayer is back in the business of DC comics villains.

The filmmaker, who directed Warner Bros.’ all-bad guy comic book movie Suicide Squad, is reuniting with that film’s star, Margot Robbie, for Gotham City Sirens, a feature project that will showcase the top female villains from the DC stable, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

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xer01038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Visions of Elektra and Catwoman all over again...

Am i the only one that didn't find Margot Robbie sexy in Suicide Squad?
Maybe I'm spoiled by all the sexy women poking out their tongues in google search... :/


dauntingpixel1039d ago

and a deadshot and suicide squad 2. all over this news

-Foxtrot1039d ago

Let me get this straight

Suicide Squad 2
Deadshot film
Harley Quin with Ayer

Are DC retarded? Do they actually learn? Jesus

thekhurg1038d ago Show
gangsta_red1038d ago

I really don't understand the need for an all female DC villain movie. Seriously, it just screams Ghostbusters all over again.

And Ayer coming back? After what the WB execs did to his Suicide Squad movie? Definitely collecting a paycheck for this.

Aldous_Snow1038d ago

A DC movie? Check
An all female cast? Check
Another flop on the way? Check

thekhurg1038d ago

Yet they've all made tons of money to fund the DCEU. Sorry, they're not flopping.

gangsta_red1038d ago

They have been somewhat commercial success but they have all been slammed by critics and most movie goers.

ImGumbyDammit1038d ago (Edited 1038d ago )

Investing $175 million in production costs, plus another $175+ million in PR with not even a 2 times return for the studio is not a winner.  800-900 million worldwide revenue sounds good but it does not mean a winner to investors. If a studio invests that same $175 million into 4 smaller projects but an overall return is 3 times initial investment which do you think is a better move for a company. Ignore any comic fanboy urges that are guiding you. If you look at the overall numbers of Suicide it was profitable but, not very profitable.  At the point of risk with the investment after all costs incurred by the studio it is surprising they would be willing to take a risk as an all girl dirty dozen movie. Suicide definitely is not reaching an overall 2 times return - that is actual profit not revenue (and not even close to the expected 3 times they wanted)

acemonkey1038d ago

I remember seeing comments different from this when DCEU was announce it was quality over quantity. Now its all Were are making money who cares.

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