‘The Walking Dead’ Winter Finale Full Of Fatalities, Bullets & New Beginnings

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details of tonight’s Season 7 The Walking Dead winter finale After the high impact bloodbath and near record ratings of the Season 7 opener back on October 23.

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alycakes801d ago

This really has SPOILERS so don't read unless you like to know ahead of time what happens.

Aldous_Snow801d ago

Fantastic episode. Pissed myself laughing at Negan and Carl baking together.

Wonder who the guy at the end was. Thought it was Jesus at 1st with the hat and all but clearly not

dota2champion800d ago (Edited 800d ago )

First it was Daryl that got screw up things and got glenn killed. Then it was carl and Rosita that messed things up, and now ricks want to go to war with the savior? Damn, rick group is just out of was rick group who started all this messed in the first place