2 New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers Have Come Home

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Well, color me surprised. The new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer finally launched tonight on Jimmy Kimmel and despite some of my reservations, I am quite simply blown away.

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dauntingpixel803d ago

WOWWOWWOW!! holy crap wow. that looks outstanding.

Porcelain_Chicken803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

Agreed!! Holy Chet!!!! :O I need it now! Exceeded my expectations to be honest!

dauntingpixel803d ago

seriously. he was awesome but my favorite part was the vulture. he looks crazy good.

cell989802d ago (Edited 802d ago )

for once we agree on comic book movies. Yes it was awesome, even the music for the trailer was right

b163o1802d ago (Edited 801d ago )

Is it me, or does the vulture look like killer moth from the Teen Titans.

and before somebody starts that Marvel/DC BS I'm just asking...

Bitz802d ago

This trailer is amazing

XisThatKid801d ago

No this trailer is "Homecoming"....

XXanderXX802d ago

What a difference a team up with Marvel does for a franchise being murdered by sony . WOW

cell989802d ago

I love how (atleast in the trailer) Spiderman was not overshadowed by Tony Stark

acemonkey802d ago

Hell Yeah. Loving it, I want Micheal to say " you wanna get nuts? lets get nuts!" both trailers was on point. But i get it Spider Wings.

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