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There’s a gruesome cringe-com just waiting to be made about the annual horror of the office Christmas party. Office Christmas Party isn’t that movie. Pitched as a white-collar frat-house comedy, Will Speck and Josh Gordon’s latest plays like Animal House in the IT sector: an unembarrassed eruption of volcanic indulgence that fizzles out in a messy third-act featuring car-chases and kidnappings beamed in from another movie entirely. In fact, despite its does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title, here’s a film in the grip of an identity crisis: in a bid for the widest possible audience, we get slapstick, sex farce, gross-out and rom-com, all jumbled together. It’s the comedy equivalent of one of those murky cocktails brewing in a lager-can you find at the end of the night.

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