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9 Marvel Superheroes Who Desperately Deserve Their Own Netflix Series


If you happen to be a Marvel fan in this day and age, you've got to be having a good time. On top of a highly lucrative and ridiculously successful cinematic universe on the big screen, Marvel Studios have broadened their horizons to what was a few years ago one of the more unconventional media formats - that being online streaming - and have in turn managed to adapt some of their most revered and mature properties to universal acclaim as a result.

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Alxe1865d ago

not all of them, but some really

Porcelain_Chicken1865d ago

Hmm, while I wouldn't say Hellcat desperately needs a Netflix series I definitely wouldn't mind! >_< Some of these are more of the "desperate" side than others. For me personally Blade tops the list. After seeing Daredevil season 2 I was hoping they'd do something similar with Blade and Ghostrider the way they introduced Punisher in Daredevil but alas... AOS happened. :/ I would kill for a Moonkinght Netflix series! That is a must have. And I can guarantee it'll happen.