Awesome First Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage Released As Full Trailer Is Confirmed For Tomorrow


A Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer tease has just debuted online, giving us our first official look at some footage from the movie ahead of the full trailer tomorrow night. Oh, and Web-wings confirmed!..

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dauntingpixel1218d ago

woah. they showed off the wings right out of the gate

Porcelain_Chicken1218d ago

Very nice!! Holy moly! :O I didn't love the suit right off the bat but I'll admit that it has grown on me. Looking forward to seeing the full trailer tomorrow!

dauntingpixel1218d ago

do you know if this is a special suit he uses for certain things or are those wings there all the time?

Porcelain_Chicken1217d ago

The wings would help make him more aerodynamic. It would definitely be all-purpose.At least that's the purpose they had in the comics. Unless these are different. Ace pretty much answered your other question. Tony Stark only made him 1 suit in the comics. The Iron Spider suit. Which looks pretty badass. I hate how they made Tony Stark the ONLY genius in the Mcu. Probably to suck up to RDJ or something. I liked the fact that Peter made his own costumes in the comics. Showed his ingenuity and gave him more depth! Here he's just a kid with powers. His mind will always play second fiddle to Stark. Same with Hank Pym, Bruce Banner and the eventual addiction of Reed Richards.

b163o11217d ago

I like the helicopter....

dauntingpixel1218d ago

also - i thought peter made the suits on his own in the comics. was there ever a time when tony stark was the guy financing him?

acemonkey1218d ago

made him the Ironspider suit civil war
secret wars he got a black suit, some type of repair machine

ones on top of my head. in the comics i think he funds the Avengers and Deadpool does Uncanny Avengers. Do i like the suit very much. Would it be nice if he made it yeah, but this is one way they can remind you that its in the same universe as the MCU

Pogmathoin1218d ago

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Angeljuice 9hrs ago
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dauntingpixel1218d ago

not too sure this is the right venue for airing your grievances. i doubt the guy you're speaking about even comes in here

coolbeans1217d ago

1.) This isn't relevant to the topic at hand.

2.) That comment's been marked for a while now.

3.) The "girl mod" (you're speaking of Cat) left to focus on her family.

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Pogmathoin1217d ago

I would use other ways of communicating , but when it is Christopher that you end up with all the time, who talks down and berates you, regardless... You kind of give up. You know Christopher is maniacal, you know many have been banned, purely because of differing opinions, or are told some things are not nice and would get you tagged, while seeing it blatantly used and ignored from those who 'agree' .

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