'The Mummy' Director on the Big Surprises in That New Trailer


As a screenwriter, Alex Kurtzman has worked on some of the biggest franchises of the last decade. And now, as a director, Kurtzman is taking the reins of one of Hollywood’s most famous film sagas. The first Mummy film hit theaters 84 years ago, at the dawn of the sound era. On June 9, The Mummy will enter the modern era, with the release of a new film starring Tom Cruise and featuring Star Trek Beyond actress Sofia Boutella as the first female to assume the titular undead role. It’s a stark change from the period-piece action-adventure of the Brendan Fraser Mummy trilogy. And the new film also marks Universal’s first step toward a Cinematic Universe featuring on their stock of iconic movie monsters.

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Retroman805d ago

Let me be the First to say it.

After reviewing the Trailer im not impress with female Mummy nor Tom Cruise as the main protagonist . Brendan Fraser was good in the Mummy ( my personal opinion ) of course . outside of Fraser Mummy , last Good Mummy i've seen Boris karloff 1932 The Mummy.

And the animated Mummy from Johnny Quest

dauntingpixel805d ago

i found that to be really interesting that cruise wakes up in the morgue so clearly there's some supernatural thing going on with him