The Worst Actors and Actresses to hit our Screens

Some people just shouldnt have taken up acting, and it really shows when they try to make it big in the movies. Do these people not realise that they just cant act?

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thorstein806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Kirsten Stewart is a "worst" actress? Someone never saw Speak.

Sucks to have a blog as your only way to interact with the world and think that your wordpress blog actually means anything.

Aldous_Snow806d ago

Sucks to have a filmwatch account as your only way to interact with the world and to think that your worthless comment actually means anything.

lodossrage806d ago

I logged in just to agree with Aldous.

The moment I read thorstein's comment, Aldous's comment mirrored what I was thinking almost word for word

KidMakeshift806d ago

I'm not a fan of her, but she was good in Camp X

Porcelain_Chicken806d ago

She was good in Speak, and as 'KidMakeshift' said, Camp X. Most people will sadly only focus on the bad though. Another actor who is gonna suffer the same fate as Kristen here is Jamie Dornan who starred in Fifty Shades. Great actor who made it big in a terrible movie. Not to say Kristen is great but she's a serviceable actress. I kinda agree with a chunk of these but most of them aren't even actors. Not primarily anyways. Micheal Cera, Blake Lively, and Justin Timberlake are all serviceable at best too. In fact I'd go as far as to defend JT for his role in The Social Network.

But hey, these are all opinions right? :b Please don't block me lol.

Summons75806d ago

Please, a cardboard cutout has more acting range and emotion than her. The worst.

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Bitz806d ago

Just because it's a blog does not make it any less important!

Pogmathoin806d ago

Jeez Christopher, you ban anything that disagrees with you? Wtf is your problem? Sorry, I will not suck Sony dick, that is your issue. Why you ban spacemanbiff? He is more Calvin and Hobbes than your lil sad dreams will ever be...

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