7 Movie Actors Made Impossibly Young By CGI


Flashbacks can be tricky. It’s tough to make your wise, gravitas-filled, 50+ year-old lead actor suddenly transform into a teenager with floppy hair and baggy t-shirts. Directors used to have to hire younger actors who looked similar to play the parts but now, thanks to the magic of CGI, the stars can just play themselves and be magically de-aged. Westworld did this spectacularly recently with Anthony Hopkins, but it’s not the first. Here are seven impressive CGI facelifts from the movies that will make you believe in time travel. Sort of.

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dota2champion809d ago

I had no idea that Legolas was CGI in the hobbit, i thought they just used a lot of makeup for him

blackblades809d ago

Ikr, seriously though tech these days and cgi will probably be alot more in the future. You got the de-aging and holograms. Won't be surprise one day in the future they'll make a movie with a dead actor using cgi hologram with there voice and everything. Either way nothing beats old school imo.