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Spotlight: Nikita

In 1990, French Director Luc Besson (The 5th Element) made his name commonplace among fans of film and Filmmakers alike, when he directed La Femme Nikita. Also known, simply, as Nikita, the film tells the story of a criminal who is sentenced to life in prison after killing a Police Officer during a bank robbery. A shadowy organization then fakes her death and offers her a choice. She can choose to become an Assassin for them, or she can refuse, and be killed on the spot. Choosing to become an Assassin, the titular character is ruthlessly trained as, and turned into, an immensely dangerous and prolific killer. Besson’s film would eventually inspire 2 film remakes, and 2 TV series. In 1991, Black Cat, was made in Hong Kong by Stephen Shin (The Last Race), the movie scored a sequel in 1992. In 1993, Point of No Return, an American remake starring Bridget Fonda debuted as a well respected remake and moderate box office success. In 1997, the Canadian series La Femme Nikita ran on USA Network in the States for 5 seasons, starring Australian Actress Peta Wilson (Superman Returns). Today we are discussing the second TV series, Nikita, which debuted in 2010 and ran for 5 years on The CW.

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