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The Walking Dead: "Swear" Review - IGN

The Walking Dead takes a time-out and catches us up on the characters of Tara and Heath, who left last season on a scavenger mission.

Hey, it's Tara and Heath! The characters who took off near the tail end of last season on a two-person scavenger run so that star Alanna Masterson could have a baby and Straight Outta Compton's Corey Hawkins could free himself up to star on the new 24 series (which got picked up by FOX last April). "Swear" was all about what happened to them and their misadventures on the road was still too long.

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alycakes1558d ago

Tara has no clue what has happened to her group with Neagan and who died and who is running things now. Wont she be surprised?