Gotham: "Beware the Green-Eyed Monster" Review - IGN

In Gotham's midseason finale, Gordon tries to protect Lee from her own fiance while Nygma makes a startling discovery.

As usual, Gotham went big with its fall finale, setting the stage for an interesting second half of the season. Jim falling hook, line, and sinker for Mario's tricks made him seem egregiously dense, though it's still always good to see things take a darker turn on this show.

Even after Jim figured out that he'd been had, and tried to talk to Lee on deeper, more emotional level, he still fumbled and failed his way into a corner. Lee got married, Jim got beaten, and it all ended with our hapless hero gunning down Lee's new husband in a hokey way that will now leave him unable to prove that Mario was trying to sneak up from behind and kill her.

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alycakes2135d ago

Gordon is such an idiot!