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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: "Deals with Our Devils" Review - IGN

Agents of SHIELD is back with its tie-in to Doctor Strange.

Several weeks after Doctor Strange's release, we finally got the payoff for Agents of SHIELD's latest Marvel movie tie-in: Fitz, Coulson and Robbie were sucked into a space between dimensions, playing off the exploration of the multiverse in Doctor Strange.
It's one of the more organic crossover concepts for the show, and worked well as the show continues to muddy the lines between science and the supernatural. That continued to be a theme in this episode, as man of faith Mack got possessed by the Ghost Rider (such a cool twist) and Aida read the Darkhold.

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alycakes1554d ago

That was so awesome last night.

-Foxtrot1554d ago

This is all they do to stay afloat...latch off the films

Watering down the Inhumans, Lady Sif, Secret Warriors, The Winter Soldier tie in, Ghost Rider and now this