Joblo | 'The Flash - Season 3 Episode 8 "Invasion!'


I had a blast watching this episode which balanced not just the expected 1:1 crossovers we have seen in the past but actually featured nine distinct heroes and they all got a fair share of screen time. We got some development on Cisco's beef with Barry, Dr. Stein recalling a daughter he never had, and H.R. agreeing to secretly train Wally to become Kid Flash. All together, this episode barely slowed down enough to acknowledge why Alchemy and Savitar would not use this chance to strike on the city but that can be forgiven because everything was just so much fun. They also managed to do it in what felt like a typical episode of The Flash which means the next two parts of the event should feel much like episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Seeing as this hour was a massive improvement over anything else this season, I hope it concludes just as well.

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