This Week in WWE – Raw (11/28/2016)

FYIG writes: "This week on Raw (11/28/2016), the WWE Universe was treated to a Tag Team Championship match and a Women’s Championship match!"

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MrsNesbitt2077d ago

really bored of the back and forth between the Women's title. I enjoy their rivalry but they should allow Charlotte to run longer than she is if she's heading for this dominant 'Queen-like' image. But I suppose Sasha won again on the TV show, does this mean Charlotte will get it back at the next PPV? *Sigh*

deanomac982077d ago (Edited 2077d ago )

I feel like Sasha should have retained at Hell in a Cell and lost it back this week to end the feud. I don't know where they're going now that Sasha has the title unless they plan on Dana Brooke feuding for the title.I can't see Sasha turning heel yet.