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"By the time the episode ends, I feel I had come to know Tara’s character quite well and I truly enjoyed a more survival themed story of The Walking Dead." -Bryan Weatherall (Resident Entertainment)

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Aldous_Snow812d ago

Found this episode really boring.

lalalala812d ago

100% agree. This episode was like a 3/10. Just completely pointless giving a whole episode to what could be summarised in a few sentences


Tara finds a settlement hidden in the leaves (Konoha) of just women who encountered The Saviors, and they don't want her to leave (alive) as they escaped Negan. She escapes, and goes back and doesn't tell anyone. Also, they have guns, and Heath (black guy) goes missing.

^ Just saved you 60 minutes of your lives.

Aldous_Snow812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Yeah. As soon as I seen the stash of weapons, I can kind of guess whats going to happen. Tara will eventually let on, and Rick will take them or work with them.

The episode was pretty pointless and can't believe she got a whole episode to herself. I forgot all about her and thought she died last season lol

DillyDilly812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Storm Trooper rejects hopefully RIck kills them all & steals their guns