Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn Chases Down The Joker In This Deleted Scene From The Extended Blu-Ray


The extended cut of Suicide Squad is set for release next month, and here we have a deleted scene from the movie featuring Harley forcing The Joker to pull over in the coolest way possible. Take a look..

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Aldous_Snow1475d ago

Doesn't make this piss poor movie any better

dauntingpixel1475d ago

can't wait to pick this up when it hits stores

Deadpooled1474d ago

Harley Quinn is smokin hot......

(watches Wolf of Wall Street again ;) )

Ninte1474d ago

Glad it was a deleted scene

bangoskank1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

How the hell did Ayer land this project? His direction and writing were already awful but his obsession with cholos made it even more embarrassing to watch.