Ryan Reynolds And Paul Wernick Talk 'Deadpool' Sequel And The Surprising Link To 'Guardians 2'


Ryan Reynolds may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the moment, but at a special “Deadpool” screening and Q&A at Fox Studios in Los Angeles this weekend, moderator John Horn humorously introduced the former Sexiest Man Alive as “six-time Academy Award watcher Ryan Reynolds.” That’s a very on-brand description for an actor who, after being brought low by such mega-flops as 2011’s “Green Lantern” and 2013’s “R.I.P.D.,” met his career failures with an air of cheery self-deprecation that found its fullest expression (and greatest success) in his gleefully subversive performance as the so-called Merc with a Mouth.

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dauntingpixel1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

i wonder if/what other characters have been passed back and forth or are potentially in play now that fox, sony and marvel seem to be playing nice as of late.

SarcasticDuck1478d ago

i didn't get it clearly, is Guardians 2 getting a character Fox owns the rights to? if so, imagine if it is Venom!

dauntingpixel1478d ago

Marvel gave them negasonic and fox gave back ego

Deadpoolio1478d ago

Marvel didn't give them Negasonic, they let Fox change Negasonic's power because in the comics her powers are psychic

1Victor1478d ago

They own negasonic they gave ego for the change in powers maybe there's a clause in the contract that if the powers are changed it's void or something like that

1Victor1478d ago

Venom is own by Sony not fox and if you read the article you would know it was Ego the living planet

1Victor1478d ago

they ask marvel for permission to change negasonic from psychic to explosive and marvel ask them to give them back ego the living planet from the 400 marvel characters fox own,now marvel can have ego show up in the guardians of the galaxy franchise

leopsyenligne1476d ago

J'adore ce film et cette ambiance MARVEL ! Bref je vais aller le voir dès sa sortie.