The Weekly Set Podcast Episode 082 - TVEnthusiast

This week on TVEnthusiast’s The Weekly Set podcast, Agents of SHIELD and The Flash are off the air this week, due to a traumatic event in the United States. That means Will and Tyson have to make do with talking about Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, HBO’s impressive new series Westworld, and Season 3 Episode 3 of Black Mirror, Shut Up and Dance. But that isn’t all they talk about, the 2 get a little off topic by talking about last weekend’s movie release, Doctor Strange. Then, the 2 talk about where Doctor Strange fits into their MCU rankings. This week’s Legends of Tomorrow featured zombies in our racist future *cough* err I mean past, and Supergirl saw Mon-El learning his new cover identity, Mike. Another amazing episode of Westworld, follows, as Maeve takes the upgrade path, and Black Mirror gets dark and dreary, even by Black Mirror standards.

Due to our recording schedule (Thursday nights) we will be a week behind on Legends of Tomorrow.

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