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American Horror Story: Roanoke - "Chapter 9" Review - IGN

In the penultimate episode of AHS: Roanoke, a few new characters arrive and join the slaughter.

Hey, so the person I wanted to survive this entire ordeal wound up winning the day! Erm, so to speak. Granted, I didn't predict that Lee would wind up eating the forest witch's black heart and becoming a minion of pure evil, but I'll take it, I guess. Now next week, as shown in the teaser for "Episode 10," Lee will have to answer for everything, while Sarah Paulson reprises her Lana Winters character from Asylum. MORE SEASONAL CONNECTIONS!

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Aldous_Snow1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

I liked the 1st 5 episodes but found myself getting increasing pissed off with each following episode and the latest one just took the biscuit. Can't believe how bad it has been overall. All the main characters you'd expect to be there only had very short cameos at best and there characters were boring. Evan Peters, Francis Conroy, Lady Gaga, Taissa Farmiga, Denis O Hare and Finn Wittock.

Apparently Finn was supposed to be the most fcked up character in AHS history, yet he did nothing but hold the bloody camera. I didn't even see him. I had to look it up online as he was a blink and you miss him character. Pretty pathetic.

With the finale being set in court and later interview with Lana Banana my hopes are not high. The only character I really liked was Kathy Bates. She's awesome in whatever she does. Crazy bitch got butchered!!

Oh well, back to the freaks next season. I loved season 4