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Westworld: The Failure of the AI Revolution

If you look to the media today, you could consider this to be a golden age of science fiction. Compared with outings throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, we have more big budget television shows, films and works than in any other year. While you might disagree with the quality of some of these shows, or consider certain films overrated, there's no denying that we have seen a push to support genres which were previously something of a pariah.

That said, not all of these shows seem to be pushing forwards. A few of the lauded examples of late seem to be resting on their laurels and failing to take things to the next level, often limiting storytelling to the same tired ideas we have seen a thousand times over. It should be no surprise that JJ Abrams is involved in two of the most infamous cases -

Star Wars: The Force Awakens AKA How many Expanded Universe authors can I rip-off and get away with it?, and Westworld AKA Every Star Trek computer story known to man. We'll be looking into the latter, today.

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