Luke Cage: Diamond Back & Shades- Antwand Pearman Vs The Interview @ProducersvsShow

Episode 11 of Antwand Pearman Vs The Interview, Antwand sits down with Erik LaRay Harvey and Theo Rossi from the Netflix smash hit Luke Cage. Harvey who plays the antagonist Diamondback on Luke Cage can also be seen in earlier films such as Twister and another familiar series known as Boardwalk Empire. Rossi might be familiar to those for his role on the hit show Sons of Anarchy. He plays the villain Shades in Luke Cage.

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sagesurge1539d ago

I love this series. Great interview.


[Open Question] Have any of you seen the show? Luke Cage is Dope!

jaymacx1538d ago

Yeah, pretty good show.. can't wait for Iron Fist