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The Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Films: All 14 Ranked

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for a long time. After a little over a dozen films, how do they all stack up against each other?

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acemonkey1810d ago

Cant place Dr.Strange yet ( maybe some where in the top 7). Number 1 will always be debatable from Avengers, Civil War and WS.

1. Avengers ( Still makes me gitty)
2. Winter Solder ( im not really suprised because Cap has some great story arcs and very different tone we seen MCU)
3. Civil War ( this really bounce from 2 and back to 3 daily, i loved it almost the same as WS)
4. AoU ( gets very much hate. if you can look passed the Setting up Phase 3 which this pretty much ended out the phase. More action. To Be fair i dont believe any upcoming Avengers movie will have the same moments the first one had. It reminds me of Jaws 1 and 2.)
5. GotG ( ima sucker for Zoey)
6 Cap ( very great origin story, only really thing that made me mad was the montage)
7. Thor ( very underrated MCU film )
8. IM3 ( enjoyed it alot)
9. Ant-Man ( Meh)
10. IM2 ( alteast it had more action)
11. IM ( i barely remember it)
12. Hulk ( better then Lee one)
13. Thor 2 ( the invasion of Asgard was the best part of the movie)

BTW not saying youre wrong for having a different list. Just putting mines out there.

joeorc1810d ago

I would rate Ant-Man over IM3 and Dr. Strange I would above Thor for myself and IM#1 over AoU
Even though Thor was a fantastic movie . Dr. Strange I just think was better.

acemonkey1810d ago

Just never been a big fan of Ant-man (hank or any others). Dr. Strange i need to see it a couple more times to give it a spot. Glad you enjoyed Dr. Strange. Thor 3 here we go