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The Walking Dead: "The Well" Review - IGN

Switching gears, The Walking Dead took us to a new, offbeat community this week.

"The Well," while not devoid of drama, was certainly the most upbeat Walking Dead episode to date - and yes, I am considering Season 6's "The Next World," which featured a time jump, a new romance, and the introduction of Jesus. But that now stands as the second most playful episode.

When we're presented with a tonally different Walking Dead episode, it's hard not to feel a certain amount of whiplash. The show is naturally grim so it's difficult to be prepared for an episode with intentionally silly elements to it. "The Next World" worked because of that leap forward in time that helped distance us from the trauma of "No Way Out." Here though, given the weighty atrocities of the Season 7 premiere -- which was way too manipulative, full of itself, and gimmicky to be effective -- "The Well" operates on a much more disjointed level. It was a solid episode, and a fun breather, though the fact that it's taking place at the same time as the Lucille ordeal creates a weird vibe.

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