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Former Frontrunners to Play Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie Revealed

Recently unearthed emails from the infamous 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking scandal have revealed some of the former frontrunners to star as Nathan Drake in the studio's upcoming Uncharted movie.

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Porcelain_Chicken1484d ago

Mark Wahlberg, Channing Tatum, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Chris Hemsworth are all terrible choices. I can't see them in the role of Nathan Drake at all.... I've never seen Jamie Dornan in anything. He's a very reserved guy. Somewhat quiet guy during interviews. He can possibly pull of the looks but I'm unsure of whether or not he can pull of the personality required. Travis Fimmel has the Witt and the look for the role. He's not a great choice but he's the best one on this list. Oscar Isaac, hmm... I love him but i don't know... He'd be a good Rafe Adler for an Uncharted 4 movie! xD

Soldierone1484d ago

It's sad how disconnected these old execs were, and the more that leaks out the more we realize how damaged Hollywood really is.

dauntingpixel1483d ago

ghostbusters wasn't enough for you to come to terms with this?

Soldierone1483d ago

It is, it's just seeing how deeply they are broken is what is so shocking. It wasn't just a few poor decisions, I think the entire core of execs is so broken that it's going to be hard to come back.

The only thing that can save them is if someone else bought them and removed that entire group of people entirely. That or someone within Sony has the balls to do it internally.