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Trolls Review - IGN

The new animated musical Trolls is a movie that is as irresistible as it is annoyingly high-spirited.

There is zero subtlety at play here but if you don’t get at least some enjoyment out of Trolls then you’re probably dead inside. Admittedly, at times it feels like it has glitter running through its veins and is so sweet that it’s amazing the audience don’t get diabetes. However, if you let the cynicism and cine-snobbery go, there is a hell of a lot to enjoy.

Trolls comes from the creators of Shrek. Both movies have their heart in a similar place and have similar themes of friendship, family, love and positive self-image but Shrek is a more nuanced family film that felt less like it was making a bee line for your merchandise dollars. The issue here is that Trolls also gives off a needy vibe that it not only desperately wants to be your kid's new favorite film but also a franchise. That said, you can forgive that because it is impossible not to lap up every gleeful, peppy and twee second.

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Bitz1485d ago

I can't wait to see this with my kids.