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Negan Theory & Prediction - The Walking Dead - Nerdopotamus

Hope you like wrinkled shirts team, because I sure do. Negan is a character we’re all going to love to hate, and him being on the show is a blessing in disguise. Could you imagine if the showrunners didn’t introduce a target like Negan? Do you agree with the predictions? How gnarly is Negan? / YouTube.Com/DanielJamesM

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1Victor1487d ago

Interesting I read the comics till after they defeated Negan and he survived in a jail under rick home so I think this person is in the right direction but the tv series have taken some liberties away from the comics so who knows if they keep him alive or not

SarcasticDuck1486d ago

he's TWD's Joker, which means it would be really dumb for the show to kill him. Just let him fake his own death or something