Pirates Lose Legal Battle Against Hollywood Studios in U.K.


The Motion Picture Assn., the international arm of the MPAA that protects the interests of Hollywood studios abroad, has won a legal bid in the U.K. to block access to 13 websites that carry pirated movies and TV shows. The blocks will go live in the next few days.

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dauntingpixel1490d ago

hmmm. not sure what i think about this but something feels dirty about it.

Aldous_Snow1490d ago

Dont use any of them. I use couchtuner and moviego to stream things that I dont get over here. ISPs here are always getting court orders to block couchtuner but they just keep changing their domain and all of these will do it as well.

Suppose they have to look like they are doing something lol unless they shut down the internet, they'll just keep going in circles.

dauntingpixel1490d ago

true but it feels super sleazy to basically prevent your citizens from accessing content and/or websites. we're not in china for godsake.

annoyedgamer1488d ago

You talk as if our "democracies" are any more "free".

sdcard4gb1489d ago

This won't stop them. Piracy is unstoppable. As long as there are people who want to keep their money and have fun piracy will forever exist.

alfcrippinjr1488d ago

hollywood should not be able to target any websites in the uk

uk should tell them to piss off.
and mind there own business.

uk has better movies and can bring out blockbusters on a budget

not like fake hollywood crap

1488d ago
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