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Daisy Ridley Explains Why Star Wars' Rey Isn’t A Mary Sue


Daisy Ridley speaks to MTV about Rey's 'Star Wars' Mary Sue label and why Ridley quit social media.

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mopground1489d ago

wow! What an explanation!

NotEvenMyFinalForm1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

indeed. She did not explained anything. lol

But really, the only way her character wouldn't be a Mary Sue is if on the second movie they show something like she being trained as jedi when she was a child but to protect her they did some jedi mind trick on her and made her forget or something. Otherwise her character has Mary Sue written all over it, she's the embodiment of it.

NewMonday1489d ago

Abrams and the writers are responsible for this

TheOpenWorlder1489d ago

What a joke. Typical Mary Sue behavior to deny her Mary sueness

plmkoh1489d ago

She was the worst part of the sterile movie.

coolbeans1489d ago

Whoa, whoa, whoa...when did "Mary Sue name-callers" become an actual thing? Bringing up a lazy character arc (by the writers) shouldn't be personified in such a way as it is here. Granted, there's idiots on the internet who wouldn't be afraid to use this a crutch to hate on people who really liked Rey; however, you can't really conflate valid criticism with that nasty behavior. What about the likes of screenwriter Max Landis who got shit just for arguing that she was a Mary Sue? See? Go after the argument being made here, not the randoms making gross internet responses.

Not all of us pointing out Abrams' inconsistent writing are making personal attacks here. And I'll just add that Daisy Ridley's performance went a LONG in making her "Mary Sue-ness" very digestible to begin with.

Muadiib1488d ago

If she's speaking to MTV then I don't want to hear it. TFA was creatively bankrupt, that was it's biggest issue. As bad as the prequels were, at least Lucas took chances.