Spotlight: The Missing

Created by brothers Harry and Jack Williams (One of Us), with season 1 directed by Tom Shankland (The Leftovers) and season 2 by Ben Chanan (The Last Kingdom), The Missing is a brutal seasonal anthology drama series. The Missing is a co-production between BBC One and Starz. Shot in Belgium, to double as France, the first season of The Missing starred James Nesbitt (Babylon) and Frances O’Connor (The Conjuring 2) as the British parents of a boy who goes missing during their vacation to northern France during the 2006 World Cup. The series follows 8 years of an investigation into the missing child’s whereabouts. Season 2 of the series follows an 11 year investigation into the disappearance and surprise return of a girl. Though it is a seasonal anthology series, both seasons of The Missing feature French Actor Tchéky Karyo (Jeanne d’Arc) as Detective Julien Baptiste.

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