‘Walking Dead’ Director Greg Nicotero Defends Brutal Season Premiere

Wall Street Journal

On last night’s season 7 premiere, “The Walking Dead” put forth one of of its most graphic and disturbing episodes in the series’ history. Fan-favorite Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) were both on the receiving end of gory, lethal beatings by the show’s newest villain, Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), leaving fans stunned, speechless and having to confront a new reality where Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is no longer the top dog.

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dauntingpixel1495d ago

he's absolutely right. the deaths of major characters had to happen to move things forward. and if you keep killing people that nobody cares about then they've done something wrong. i was bummed about these characters being killed but at the same time was relieved and happy that they did the right thing.

Aldous_Snow1495d ago

As Jeffery Dean Morgan said in a recent interview... No one blinked an eye when Rick ripped a guys throat out with his teeth or brutally murdered loads of other people. If the 2 characters were relatively unknown, rather than Glenn and Abe, no one would bat an eyelid. Says more about them then those who actually enjoyed it

This is The Walking Dead. People should know what to expect.