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Why Andrew Garfield Is Happy 'Spider-Man 3' Never Happened

We talk to Andrew Garfield about whether he's bummed he never got to do another 'Spider-Man' movie.

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2pacalypsenow1548d ago

Pretty low how he trash talked the movie that made him famous.

SarcasticDuck1548d ago

if you read this, you will notice he only says he's happy the character is being better portrayed and is finally in the MCU and he's happy because he couldnt be doing the movie he's doing right now if Spiderman 3 happened.

Specter2291548d ago

I don't think any of them read it.

2pacalypsenow1547d ago

Not talking about this interview but the one he had after the movie released which lost him the job.

acemonkey1548d ago

shit he was upset whenhe got release now his like that lol...he wasnt spiderman anyways

attilayavuzer1548d ago

Correct headline

"Andrew Garfield Appreciates His Time Spent Playing Spider-Man; Excited About Upcoming Projects"

GrimDragon1548d ago

He was a morbid depressed Spider-Man anyway and sucked. I'd rather watch Tobey cry.

Silly Mammo1547d ago

But would you rather watch Tobey dance? That's the real question.

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