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The Strain: "Do or Die" Review - IGN

The Strain nears the end of Season 3 as Palmer took center stage and life in New York got a whole lot worse.

There's still one episode left to go this season, but "Do or Die" could easily have worked as The Strain's Season 3 finale. It was certainly an eventful chapter, shaking up the status quo yet again and bidding farewell to several long-running characters. The fact that so much happened this week really begs the question of what bombshell the show has in store for fans in the actual finale.

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alycakes1493d ago

To be honest with you I don't see how this could end well but I keep hoping that it will. Next week is the season finale and I think maybe they might have something good up their sleeves but I don't think they have the time or manpower.

Aldous_Snow1493d ago

Enjoyed the 1st season but it just gets gradually worse. Cannot stand that rat catcher guy. I really hope he gets it in the finale. I have no idea why I keep watching it. Glad Season 4 will be its last. They cant keep this going much longer. The only characters I like are Eldrich Palmer and Herr Eincorst. Couldnt give a rats ass who else dies. Don't connect with any of them

And if it was real, then the US would never let New York fall. Their entire ecomony would collapse. (Not that they have much of one now)