The Walking Dead – The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be Review | Resident Entertainment

"We got to see a bit of him at the end of season 6, but there’s a lot to see in this first episode. in fact, I think he has the most lines in the episode. I think as the show’s new villain, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has really has solidified himself as a force in the show" -Bryan Weatherall (Resident Entertainment)

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Aldous_Snow1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I cant lie, brought a little tear to my eye...

"Suck my nuts" put the smile back on. Great final line from my favourite character

Kribwalker1498d ago

I literally felt a little sick during that lol

TXIDarkAvenger1498d ago

Great episode but would have been so much better if it was the last episode for last season. I couldn't help being a bit bitter when the episode aired. Felt like they were going to drag out the deaths until the last 5 minutes of the show at first.