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Who Did Negan Kill on The Walking Dead?


The Walking Dead outdid itself with a season 6 cliffhanger that left most of us desperate for the answer to one simple question: Who has Negan killed?

Everyone and their grandmother has a theory about who it is. Loads of folks have even resorted to getting technical in order to reinforce their theories. One eager fan analysed audio from the season 6 finale to try and identify the voice screaming out in pain. Not easy to do, and it didn't provide conclusive results, either. Likewise, AMC made it impossible for amateur photographers lurking near the set to reveal the victim by having every single cast member shoot a death scene. Then producers went one better, confirming that they shot the season out of order on purpose, to make any sleuthing on-set photos meaningless.

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I know which 2 get it lol one sad and one yay!!!