Disney's The Lion King Remake: Casting All 10 Major Roles


You've got to feel sorry for the creative team in charge of virtually any remake. After contending with all the inevitable backlash, the 'why does this need to exist' naysayers and the 'don't tarnish the original' pessimists, they have to turn their focus to the unenviable job of recasting a series of potentially iconic, classic or seemingly untouchable roles.

And yet, we've seen this job performed incredibly well, on numerous occasions; the entire cast of The Departed, Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and perhaps most notably, the killer ensemble at the heart of this year's remake of The Jungle Book. And if the latter film proved anything, it's that parent company Disney and director Jon Favreau know how to take a universally-beloved property and re-tool it in a fresh, creative, yet familiar way.

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