25 Quentin Tarantino Characters You Didn't Know Were Related


Tarantino has openly discussed the idea of his characters crossing over: despite the fact that he has two universes in his films (three, actually when you count the Elmore Leonard world of Jackie Brown) there are a couple who transcend even those limits. The Wolf - played by Harvey Keitel - is one (sadly he's also able to advertise car insurance) and Earl McGraw and his son can too. Don't pick too hard at those rules; Tarantino made them up. But at least it means we might get to see The Wolf again at some point. So what about the other characters who cross-over or are related by blood across films? Family ties are obviously important for Tarantino (they're a good foundation for vengeance stories after all), so it should come as no surprise that they criss-cross the timelines of his movie universe (and indeed beyond in a couple of notable examples) in a pretty big way...

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