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Netflix' Luke Cage is Marvel's Biggest Misfire To Date

COG: Marvel's Luke Cage is now available on Netflix. Doug takes an in-depth look at the show and walks away completely unimpressed.

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Aldous_Snow1552d ago

Agree. It was rubbish. Hope Iron Fist is alot better

SarcasticDuck1552d ago

what's a "misfire"? anyway, i'm starting to watch Agents of Shield and for a show that i had no interest in (until Ghost Rider) it's proving to be way better than Luke Cage! (btw, i'm 2 episodes away to finish season 1)

-Foxtrot1552d ago

Lol. It was good.

The thing about these Netflix shows is that there's never a "oh it's crap in general" it's usually "oh show D, J and L was better then this" which dosen't mean the one you're critising is bad, you just prefer the others. The thing is though they are still good quality and out of other shows like Agents of Shield, Flash, Arrow, Supergirl etc they are always better.

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acemonkey1552d ago

Daredevil was great, JJ was different but great, Daredevil season 2 was okay and Luke Cage was a let down. No real threat/ corny ass main villain/ Keep Harlem Black/ Police violence/ Meth freestyle and end game. They should have skipped this and went straight to Iron Fist or Moon Knight. I dont want a season 3 of daredevil or JJ ( even know i enjoyed most of it)

@Isashi Agents of Shield was lack luster up until WS (cap 2) happen, Then it went slightly down hill again with the inhumas

blackblades1552d ago

Wonder If people disliked it because he was black in a black area of the city. I had no issue with with the show unlike others.

Lord_Sloth1551d ago

I loved Luke as a character but he never felt like he was in any real danger in the show, even when his big bad came along at the end. The characters were solid but the execution fell short.

To acemonkey, Punisher Season 1 was fantastic! Whachu on about?

acemonkey1551d ago

it was poorly done show not because it was black.

@lord_sloth Punisher season 1? what are you talking about. tbh i rather see another hero/heroines or anti-hero get a spot.

Ryasha1551d ago

I don't think it was a "misfire" but that second half wasn't anywhere near as good as the first half. It felt like something they should have saved for season 2.
Season 1 should have been solely about him finally embracing his abilities and becoming a hero of the people while season 2 should have been about exploring his past and the man pulling the strings behind everything that has happened to him, including the events of season 1.
Instead of just shoehorning it in for a lackluster second half.

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