10 Upcoming Movies You Couldn’t Make Me Watch With A Gun To My Head


There's absolutely nothing wrong with watching bad films: in a way they actually improve the good ones by proximity. But there's a limit to what anyone can endure, just as there's absolutely no limit to what Hollywood will subject us to in the eternal hunt for money. That's why there's another Smurfs movie coming out. And why Nicolas Cage is still an A-lister.

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acemonkey1496d ago

10. no i wont watch
9. no
8. fuck yes im going to watch (to base it off of taken 2 was so bad john wick 2 will be bad aswell, different bread) but yes the first one was great
7. i thought the first one didnt make no money lol
6. skip
5. lol wtf skip
2. you wil watch

Aldous_Snow1496d ago

Wouldn't pay to see any of them except My Little Pony...

annoyedgamer1496d ago

The last Transformers was good and somehow it got better with repeated viewings.