Deadpool 2: Domino Casting Shortlist Includes Lizzy Caplan


We have exclusively learned the actresses testing to play the key role of Domino in the anticipated sequel Deadpool 2, including Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

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dauntingpixel1504d ago

please not ruby rose. she's awful

Porcelain_Chicken1504d ago

She's not THAAAAAT bad xD She looks the part at least. Not a bad list in my opinion.

dauntingpixel1503d ago

you know how some "actors" just grind your gears to the point of wanting to lash out irrationally and violently against them when you see them on screen? that's ruby rose to me.

Porcelain_Chicken1502d ago

Hahaha so this is personal, eh? xD My sister felt the same way about Reynolds but she liked Deadpool a lot. Maybe Deadpool too will do the same to you? She's very, ok! Lol