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First Official Trailer for Logan Shows a More Intimate Story

From Cinelinx:

The first official trailer for Hugh Jackman's last go 'round as The Wolverine has arrived, giving fans a good look at Logan, the story we'll be watching, and a very different kind of superhero movie.

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dauntingpixel1497d ago

well done trailer but man if it didn't make you wish and hope for a live action The Last of Us with him as Joel I dunno what will cause he sure looked the part to me.

darklordzor1497d ago

Holy shit...I hadn't thought of that. That would be PERFECT.

dauntingpixel1497d ago

he's perfect for the role eh? for parts of that trailer i felt like i could be watching the last of us

-Foxtrot1497d ago


Prisoners already did that though for me

However now, because of X-23, it's showing more because she's like his version of Ellie. As much as I don't want there to be a film, if it's going to happen it has to be him.

Majin-vegeta1497d ago

Funny thing is...Neil druckman tweeted about that too.

Aldous_Snow1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Huh? If he dont age, why have they made him so old and why does xavier seem really old, frail and powerless? And no more mutants? Is this set in the future on a different timeline then separate from everything else? I don't get it

The main thing I took from the trailer was the girl. Shes like him meaning shes got claws (or whatever they're called) too.

-Foxtrot1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

He ages really slow, but now he's gotten to a point where his powers are declining so he doesn't heal as fast. The film is set years after the Days of Futures Past ending where Wolverine returned to the altered future, this is why the Professor looks so old. In this film Professor X has got alzheimer's and can't remember things or control his powers.

It's based on Old Man Logan which was a story arc about a future where villains managed to wipe out the heroes and took over the world. The start of it happened where a group of villains made their way to the X-Men Mansion and Mysterio uses his illusion tricks to make Wolverine think all the X-Men in the house are old villains which have returned. He then goes on a killing spree slaughtering them only to realise in the end that he's killed the X-Men...his friends.

After that he swore he would never use violence again, never drawing his claws for 50 years. By then he's found a wife and has a son and has settled down in what is now called Hulk Land run by an old, and villainous Bruce Banner. He lets his hill billy grand children the hulk kids run the place and collect money off the people who live there including Wolverine who now has ditched that title calling himself Logan.

Obviously they've changed it since the rest of the story is just as different as the start BUT I do hope it shows you him being tricked into killing the X-Men.

In the comics he travels across America with an old version of Hawkeye who is blind to deliver a package but in the film Xavier has taken Hawkeyes role and the package has been swapped with the little girl who is Laura Kinney, aka X-23, a clone-daughter of Wolverine. In this film she is the last Mutant left as all the mutants have died for some reason.

Aldous_Snow1497d ago

Cool, thanks for thats. Makes more sense.

Dont think they will go with him killin all the xmen. They wont have everyone in the movie. Unless they just mention it in a passin comment without showing anything.

And I wonder how they hunted down all the mutants. The Sentinals are dead. Or maybe Stryker or someone way above him built another Cerebro (better than the one that never existed in X-2)

I am liking the feel of the trailer. Seems kinda sad. The other Wolverine movies sucked (especially the Japan one) so its a different and welcome change from the same old same old...

blackblades1496d ago

The one when hulk mated with his cousin she-hulk. Wasn't it also the story where hulk ate Logan and Logan ripped through his inside.

Porcelain_Chicken1497d ago

Damn... Phenomenal.... Holy cr@p.... The feels. I've always loved the Logan storyline. Tbh I thought they'd ruin it but my god this looks great! Hyped!!!

Hroach6161496d ago

End of an era with Jackman leaving the role. 16 years of doing the role justice and entertaining us. I was 11 years old when the first xmen movie released. This guys been wolverine and doing a damn fine job of it for a majority of my life.
Wish we could give the guy a proper send off as fans.
Who the hell are they gonna get to replace him in a couple years? That guy better be damn dedicated because Jackman not only embodies the character inside and out for most fans, but to get in better shape then the last for EVERY movie is insane. Guys getting up there in age now and still looking better than most guys in Hollywood.