Marvel Has A Villain Problem, And It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon.

Are the villains weak in the MCU?


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thorstein1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Agreed. And DC has a heroes problem (sans the Bat.) I know, Martian Manhunter,...but I prefer the old not the "newer".

Now, if we could have Marvel's Heroes fight DC's Villains.... that would be perfect.

Porcelain_Chicken1506d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Then again only Superman and Batman have really made it to the big screen! xD And kinda WW?!? Hard to judge her so far. Oh and how could I forget Green Lantern... I'd say Superman in the Donner movies was done really well. And in my personal opinion, in MoS aswell. Flash has been done pretty well on the CW too. Marvel's Netflix villains are also phenomenal. Green Lantern suffered from the same problems Marvel's villains do. Generic, GENERIC, GENERIC....

acemonkey1506d ago

Since DC/WB has been making movies since how long and have the rights to all the characters, WB/DC prints the comics...Steel? Swamp thing? Superman 3/4? Supergirl? SS? Batman Lex and doomsday? ( you can i guess let Doomsday Slide since he is a mindless monster, but didnt like the way he looked and some of his powers) GL? Catwoman? Batman Forever? Batman & Robin? Flash is getting old fast with this monster of the week and Arrow has been meh since season 2

Ironman 1 villain just fine, Ironman 2 Whiplash wtf? but hammer was just fine, Thor loki/frost giants that movie was 101 for any new comer to Thor so just fine? Ironman 3 i kinda liked the twist, but i can see how people didnt like the main villain that clam to be the real one, Thor 2 bad, Cap red skull was okay/passable, Cap 2 great, GotG Ronan not really & that blue chick forget her name lost some comic cred but she was passable, Avengers Loki great/ aliens good, Cap 3 Zemo i rather see the comic version but his overall plan was a bit extreme overall enjoyed him, AoU Ultron since this was tony/bruce making i understand the wise cracking, i didn like the fact how i never really feel the Avengers was in trouble,Ant-man passable ( he kinda remind me of ultron from the comics, but without being ultron) and Hulk it was a mindless monster vs a semi not mindless monster lol so meh.

Kevin said the problem with most of the villains is that they need to keep them grounded and tone down.