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24: Legacy Pilot Review – Thank You Jack Bauer but It’s Time for Eric Carter to Shine

Dana Abercrombie from The Koalition writes:

"For those afraid that Hawkins won’t be able to fit into Sutherland’s shoes, he doesn’t. Nor is he suppose to, for this is his journey. This is the tale of Eric Carter, and Hawkins is refreshing as a hero who looks like the every man. When it comes to the action, he doesn’t disappoint. Carefully crafted and skilled, the first episode contains combat that is realistic and harsh. Carter fights with precision and the quiet desperation of wanting to live not only for himself but for his family. His wife’s no pushover either and will fight to protect herself and her husband; together they are a team."

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rbailey1504d ago

Definitely planning on checking this out to see if it's any good.

StarWarsFan1503d ago

Maybe it'll be okay, but I would have preferred another 24 summer mini-series special with Jack Bauer. Maybe making it an event every two years or something.