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Jon Bernthal Says Punisher Would Beat Batman


The Punisher and Batman happen to stand on opposite sides when it comes to taking lives, but both vigilantes are skilled combatants, and a throwdown between them would be a brutal but entertaining thing to behold.

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SarcasticDuck1501d ago

sh*t, it seems The Punisher show will be cancelled, this guy is way too deep on drugs!

Porcelain_Chicken1500d ago

Eh... Batman chews up and spits out guys like Frank for breakfast. Sorry Jon but this fight is not in your favor.

Ingram1500d ago

Fights aren't won merely with power, sometimes the enemy's weakness is more than enough. For example, the only thing that held back Superman from killing Batman (in the comic, haven't seen the movie) is Superman's humanity. His personal trait of being good spirited and thoughtful is his weakness against someone like Batman, more akin to a Ninja warrior. Case in point, Batman has a personal code of justice, Punisher too, but the nuance resides that in the latter is a "no remorse, no pity, destroy the enemy" sort of code. Therefore, unless Batman is very, very, very pissed, he probable wouldn't be able to stand against Punisher cause, again, they have diferentes personalities and in this particular case then, Batman has a handicap.

NecoTehSergal1500d ago

In comics, usually Superman can't kill Batman because he has Kryptonite on him as a trump card if he feels like Supermans' morals are dropping, he has contingency plans for every Justice League member, including himself.

But the problem with Punisher vs Batman's a hypothetical that doesn't happen, both do the exact same thing, if anything they'd be Bros.

Porcelain_Chicken1500d ago

Wait we're talking to the death?! I just assumed it would be the first to be taken down in any manner. I know Batman wouldn't kill him unless it's an absolute last resort but if he knocked him out and got him into Arkham I'd say that's a win... kinda lol. I dunno.

I doubt it lol. They are on the same side but they're tactics are just too different. They'll basically be as close as Punisher and Daredevil were. Possibly. The thing I would love to see the most is Batman react to Punisher. Seeing what he could have become had he snapped completely >_<

joeorc1500d ago

@Ingram11h ago
[Fights aren't won merely with power, sometimes the enemy's weakness is more than enough. ]

You also have to look at each situation in such an less punisher set up a trap for the dark night ; in a straight up fight its very doubtful punisher could beat batman in a combat test in hand to hand . Example while frank is very highly trained batman it most likely the most highly trained human. On earth he knows several secret techniques in hand to hand that can cripple but not kill you by pressure points. His rigours of training are much more unique and extensive in obscure like from marvel: iron'd their training and experience and where the battle takes place.. in the crossover batman bought captain America to a standstill in hand to hand combat..very few non humans fare well even than against Captain America's skill let alone some one like punisher and batman.

Punisher set for instance a trap for spiderman , and cut off his ability to be able to dodge against the weapons fire in a small space.. so what you stated could be true, but again it depends on the environment and how each are prepared for such an environment. For the tactics and strategy they both can employ.

In the movie The Rock the navy seals were not as well prepared to face a well seasoned tactical position and a very determined squad with setting of well thought out and designed plan of attack against a force that is set well for infiltrating the defensive position of an enemy even one that has used tactics to entrap such a dedicated force designed to do such..

blackblades1500d ago

Guess he knows nothing about batman.

vork771500d ago

and goku can beat superman

thejigisup1500d ago

Batman would win this. It's really circumstantial. Batman could take him out gadgets alone hardly lifting a finger.

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