The Birth of a Nation Review - The Upcoming

The Upcoming: Here’s a story that dates back over 50 years. Not slavery, or the violent revolution of Nat Turner, but the Hollywood vanity project. This is where a major star, like Kevin Spacey or John Travolta, decide to push all their famous weight into making a “personal” project, that is constructed around improving their own image – which, to everyone outside their personal bubble, seems absurd. How else to explain Beyond the Sea or Battlefield Earth? And yet, just because a film is born out of vanity – from an industry where vanity is basically currency – doesn’t mean it will bad. After all, few call Orson Welles’s debut a vanity project, in spite of the fact that it was written, directed by and starring Welles, and was used to launch his career into the stratosphere. Because Citizen Kane was very good.

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