The MCU May Be Including Blade Soon

After leading three movies over six years, Blade has been absent from the big screen. However, Marvel may have plans to bring Blade into the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

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-Foxtrot1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

They need a Netflix series

They need a new Blade...sorry but Wesley Snipes is part of the old "pre-MCU" films. Maybe Nate Parker or David Oyelowo.

Snipes can return as Jamal Afari, the vampire hunter who young Blade saves and is then trained by him

They need to set it in the UK...I'm sick to death of them changing origins and the like by Americanising them

In the UK they can add MI13, the UK equivalent of SHIELD with Captain Britain and the like

Aldous_Snow1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

It'll be set in New York like everythin else

Outside of merica, nothing exists but dusty baron wastelands

Porcelain_Chicken1235d ago

I agree wholeheartedly but let's be honest that won't happen. The way Marvel pushes these characters is as a group. There's no way in hell The First Avenger or Thor would have survived without the team-up aspect on the horizon. They'll want to shove him in with the other Netflix heroes at every chance they get and for that they'll need him in America. In a perfect world, that won't happen. FML.

-Foxtrot1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

But they could easily have it so he's sent to America by MI13 at the end of the first Season.

If they establish MI13 and have that link to SHIELD then they can transfer heroes between the two countries. I would say STRIKE which is supposed to be the UK equivalent to SHIELD but they already used the name STRIKE in the Winter Soldier as a small team SHIELD has.

I mean put it this way we have the Defenders now, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist while The Punish got his own series thanks to how popular he was in DD. This "build up" is already coming to an end so what they need to do is build up the same kind of thing for something else. There are so many heroes from the UK and Blade has worked for MI13.

You could easily make a team out of that. However that's not the only one you could do. The Nightstalkers only consist of 3 people, with Blade being one of them. Again Blade could easily travel to America at the end to establish this agency in Manhattan. It's also good to know Frank Drake relocates to London so they could easily be incorporated together in one season of Blade.

Although I would like to see the Midnight sons done instead. They have a much bigger focus on the supernatural and I think with Doctor Strange coming out they could do this now. Once again they could easily bring Blade to the US after the first Season...maybe MI13 sends him or something. It's possible.

gangsta_red1233d ago

Just watched Blade II and it's pretty awesome how a super hero movie with an R rating that was before Deadpool was so good and entertaining.

Would love to see Blade comeback but not just as a vampire hunter just as a general supernatural hunter period. Sort of like a bad ass Van Helsing.

Deadpoolio1233d ago

Blade 2 was literally and easily the worst of the 3 films. Del Toro is overrated as hell, he took out 99% of the wire work for CGI that looked terrible, then made at least half of the fight scenes wrestling moves....Blade did the damn Rock Bottom at the end....Trinity may not have focused as much on Blade as it should have but at least it wasn't a CGI wrestlefest and yet it actually had a wrestler in it....Its also ignored as an R rated comic book movie because New Line actively decided to ignore that it was a comic book and treated it more like a straight vampire film.

gangsta_red1233d ago

Worse than 3? Man, that is extremely hard to believe!

There was hardly any wire work in Blade 1 and the CG in Blade 1 was far, far worse. I mean please, go and Youtube the scene where the skeletons are flying out the vampires mouths from part one and I dare you not to laugh.

There was only one wrestling move and I believe that was the perfect plex other than that it was all fighting and it was gorgeously choreographed.


Without wesley snipes as Blade people won't care.

Deadpoolio1233d ago

Nobody buy a SMALL handful of people care about a 50+ year old Snipes....IF they do anything with it more than likely it will be a Netflix series, Marvel has already said they will NOT do R rated movies, and a PG-13 Blade wouldn't work. Blade is a Marvel Knights character for a reason

acemonkey1233d ago

Lack of respect here, if it wasnt for Blade these superhero movies like Xmen, spiderman or the MCU movies would have been on the shelves. I would like to see Blade with Wesley Snipes why not

rynodigital1233d ago

Does nobody remember they already attempted a Blade Series?