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Full Line of Star Wars Rebels Funko Pops and Conan the Barbarian Pops Up for Pre-Order

EB: Today on the Star Wars Rebels Facebook page the full line of Star Wars Rebels Funko Pops have been revealed, and they look as amazing as you may have imagined when you heard that these Pops were being made. In total there will be eight Star Wars Rebels Funko Pops, with two of them being retailer exclusives. There could be more, but for now we only know that the Sabine with helmet and Ashoka Tano Funko Pops are exclusives and will be at Walgreens and Hot Topic respectively. Release dates have yet to be provided for these Pops. Check them out above.

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aDDicteD2189d ago

No Star Wars rebels version of darth maul pop?