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'The New Day' Have Killed Raw's Tag-Team Division

ScreenGurus Shaun explores how WWE's poor booking of The New Day has all but suffocated Monday Night Raw's Tag-Team Division.

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triverse1486d ago

Can't agree more. The New Day have over staid their welcome by quite a bit. Honestly, RAW has exemplified what is wrong with WWE while Smackdown has shown just how stagnant WWE has become.

ZombieGamerMan1486d ago

Yeah hate how The New Day beat The Club twice in a row, thank god there's a Smackdown Tag Team championship so The New Day can't monopolize the tag team scene sadly The Club is on RAW and not Smackdown so yeah they'll be the casualties of this

ScreenGurus1485d ago

The Club could easily be the biggest heel tag-team in the company - but WWE refuse to let them have their moment.

lodossrage1485d ago

I think they're still mad the Bullet Club isn't something they made and they're taking it out on the Club since they were members of the Bullet club faction.

WWE IS petty like that. The only reason they didn't do it to AJ Styles is because he has that Daniel Bryan/ CM Punk potential and they know fans will have a MEGA FIT if they try to bury him.

KwietStorm1486d ago

The fcuk are they wearing?

lodossrage1485d ago

There is a reason for it. I hate to say it, but I think the New Day's holding onto the gold is about getting rid of old legacies. For example, Demolition had the belts for 470+ days. I think the WWE want New Day to break that.

Even more so because Demolition has a lawsuit out against the WWE.

It's similar to how the WWE let Nikki Bella break AJ Lee's Diva's reign. Despite the fact that Nikki hardly EVER even defended the belt.

Long story short, if you're on the outs with the WWE, they will do anything to break a wrestler's legacy from their history.

sonicwrecks1484d ago

And half of the AJ thing was spite over Punk.

Skillz12151485d ago

wrestling is pure garbage now...terrible

nevin11485d ago

It's been awful since it was WWE(2002)

On YouTube someone recently has been posting episodes of Raw and SmackDown from the year 2000.

Man if you want your wrestling fix, look to the classic.

ScreenGurus1485d ago

Smackdown's REALLY good right now. The brand split has help it to escape the awfulness of Raw.

2pacalypsenow1485d ago

If you get the Network you can watch Raw all the way back to 1993

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