5 Things The DC Films Universe Actually Got Right This Year


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad came under fire from fans and critics alike this year, but there are some things they actually got right in the newly established DC Films Universe...

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dauntingpixel1659d ago

i thoroughly enjoyed bvs and ss. super excited to see what the future has in store.

Porcelain_Chicken1658d ago

I initially hated BvS but the Ultimate edition really grew on me. I thoroughly enjoy it now. I liked SS but felt like they cut out way too much to the point where the narrative was jumbled (yet again). I guess I'm waiting for the Ultimate cut to get the good experience. I hope with Geoff Johns as one of the higher ups starting with Justice League, they'll stop doing that crap.

Chevalier1657d ago

Weird I am the same way. I was happy to hear Geoff Johns is in a higher role. Hope he scans those scripts and makes sure they are good before starting production. I also really like Batfleck.

ZombieGamerMan1657d ago

till now Man of Steel is the only one in the DCEU that I am not a big fan of, only ever saw it once and will only buy it on blu ray just to haave it as part of the DCEU collection

uncharted561657d ago

I felt the same way until after multiple viewing so many details and motives that are hidden become clearer that it becomes such a better movie and imo the best DCEU film so far.

Porcelain_Chicken1656d ago

Like Uncharted56 said, it's definitely a movie that is worth a second look. Most people were expecting something very different when they first saw MoS. Ultimately being disappointed. Give it a second go! Your opinion may change now that you know what to expect. It's easily my favorite Superman movie thus far.

CobraKai1657d ago

I thought Leto's performance left a lot to be desired. Despite what they cut out, Ledger's performance wowed me in a 30 second tv spot (whose casting I was initially against), Leto had a whole movie to impress me and did absolutely no justice to the character. I felt like he was Jared Leto playing the Joker instead of being The Joker.

He is perfect for Affleck though who, while an ok Batman, was a terrible Bruce Wayne. Pretty much the same gripes I have with Leto I have with Affleck.